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Top 5 Satta Matka Guesser

kalyan satta 8 July 2019

Today in this article I am sharing with you ‘ Top 5 satta matka guesser guessing ‘. You can follow these guessing to win final ank, matka Jodi, and kalyan guessing Patti.

All the matka king person have unique guessing tech trick’s to win single Jodi. Hundreds of person daily visit internet and search matka guess to win single Jodi.

On Saturday Opening Jodi in kalyan Panel chart is 34. The last three day’s in kalyan chart only single Open printed same as same and that ank is 3.

But today matka tips are different from othere’s. Because I can share five awa some matka trick of matka king guesser. Win the single Jodi today kalyan.

1. KB SattaMatkaTricks

Kb satta trick’s is on of best matka Guessing Channel on YouTube for Indian satta matka. You can follow this channel on YouTube to win daily base matka India.

Features of This Channel

  • Daily base free Game
  • Four to Five open to close
  • Single Jodi
  • Full Sangam and Half Sangam
  • Kalyan Matka Single Trick
  • Good Response
  • Video matka Guessing
  • Update Guessing daily base
  • Real Matka King of Gambling
  • Wining Chance one to four time in a week
  • Reliable guessing
  • Good matka Guessing style

Here is the today matka kalyan tips of this Channel.

Open 2-5-6-8

Jodi’s 20, 25, 52, 57, 63, 68, 81, 86

Patti, 679, 146, 140, 150 and 170

2. Trick All In One

That person is so amazing and giving 100% strong matka guessing real time single Jodi Guessing daily base. It’s amazing trick share on here channel daily base.

Today matka tricks all In one Final ank

So here is the according to this person guessing final O.T.C Panna is 234, 900, 123 and 134. Where is the Jodi also final dinal here 19, 29, 39, 30, 37, 49, 21 and 11.

OTC ank today 1, 2, 3, 4.


Trust me it’s the No.1 Indian matka satta Guessing channel with 676,243 subscribers. No One give guessing like this because that is the real matka king 2019 All Indian satta matka.

Most visited channel by Matka player who want to play daily base and want to win Jodi main open close and much more.

Today matka tips kalyan by Rockstar Offical

Today final ank single Jodi is 58. This channel today matka final single Jodi 58. Now enjoy today matka single Jodi.

4.Balaji Matka

Balaji matka is provide by balaji is well know channel for Indian satta guessing. With the help of this channel you can earn lot’s of money from satta matka game.

This person also provide some extra goods matka single Jodi trick’s with tips. Today final OTC 2378 and matka gambling today fix Jodi 38, 88, 82, 87 Patti is 346, 670, and much more.


kalyan live is my own channel where I am posted only single Jodi guessing. But some reason I am stop guessing on this channel.

kalyan live
kalyan live

Now I am sharing my on My sattamatka site, You can win daily base single Jodi guessing on my site. Here you can get all Indian satta, kalyan matka, Mumbai sattamatka, Sridevi, Milan, Time bazar and Rajdhani chart Guessing.

Today tip matka kalyan final according to me, Here is the only single Jodi will be printed today 8/7/2019 and that is real Dubai Matka 54, And here isplay another Jodi also and that is 58.

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