kalyan matka Singal Jodi Guessing Sultan

kalyan matka Singal Jodi Guessing Sultan

kalyan today matka 04-07-2019

61 Jodi printed in kalyan panel chart on Wednesday, Then here is 101% strong matka guessing appeared. Today in kalyan chart single Jodi main Final ank 2-8.

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Why? First of all see this week matka Jodi’s 55, 68, 61. Here I am using “baqa matka system” to make single Jodi Open to close number’s.

kalyan matka Singal Jodi Guessing Sultan

In this system the number like this! you can now the cut/home of number’s. 1 Home/Cut 6. In baqa system satta matka the number’s is like 0-0, 1-9, 2-8, 3-7, 4-6, 5-5.

Pic the Jodi close #5 increase one time and that is 6 take this number baqa and it’s 4. Next Jodi printed and that is 61, Passing digit matka in it 4. Where was guessing number’s is 4-6.

Again the Jodi pass from this guessing, The close number is 1 in 61 Jodi. According today matka tips increase one time and is number 2, take this baqa is 8. Jodi 68 kalyan print.

kalyan matka 04/07/2019 final ank is 2-8, Because the close number is 1 in 61 Jodi, One time Barhaya Toh 2 and take it baqa equal 8. The final ank today kalyan Open 2-8.

What this? Above picture is most delegate matka guessing singla Jodi trick main only two final Number’s. Where is only two passing from Monday To Thursday Jodi.

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