Kalyan Matka 143 Boss Single Jodi Fix Date Guessing

Kalyan Matka 143

Today in Kalyan Matka Panel will be single Jodi print about my today Guessing plan. On Friday Printed Jodi is 33 and Also last week Opening Jodi on Shaniwar 67. Both trick are so amazing and wining. Let see the kalyan matka 143 Guessing. Sattamataka143 matka Jodi Guessing trick’s

That is all the circle of today guessing unique trick Is Shown in Above picture. When 67 Jodi print on Shaniwar Than here go on Thursday Jodi and count 3 time back this Jodi and pick the 3rd week Jodi number 61. Less then one time from his close number and that is 0. These are the final number’s 0-1-6 vs 9 for kalyan matka 06-7-2019.

Kalyan Matka 143
kalyan matka 143

First time this Jodi Print on Wednesday On 09-08-2017, Then Go on Monday Jodi and is this 56 Count back 3 time where is 67 Jodi printed and there was date is 07-09-2017. After pick this Jodi close number and that is 7 less then one time and that 4. The guessing ank is 67-6 in next week same month only single Jodi 57 Print.

kalyan matka 143 guessing final ank Jodi 4

Wow! if today matka tips is run like previews record then only single Jodi will printed like some popular words “date fix single Jodi” The Final Jodi will be there is 48 and supported matka king Jodi will be final dianl here 48 Vs 10. I hope today single Jodi will be printed in kalyan matka chart and that is the 40, 41, 48.

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