kalyan king satta today single Jodi Guessing

kalyan king satta today single Jodi Guessing

kalyan matka 01 July 2019 special Single Jodi Trick

Today is Monday and beginning of week. In this post I am do my best to win single Jodi and make extra from this. Now you can get all Indian matka single Jodi Guessing, kalyan open today, kalyan Guessing Patti, kalyan matka guru trick’s, satta matka 143 and dpboss matka guessing free. Today matka gambling single trick is so easy and understandable.

See the result of last week in kalyan panel chart opening Jodi’s. These number will be printed in this sequance.

57, 68, 03, 98, 14, 67 

The guessing is here, Pick the Jodi of 98 and multiply with coded number 6 with Jodi open number 9.

After multiplication the answer will be here and that is 54. Next day printed Jodi in kalyan chart is 14 the passing Number here is in this was 4 as close number. You can  find the latest matka gambling guess here.

According to today matka gambling single kalyan guessing then here is only two number came open or close in today Jodi and that is 3-6.

Because the guessing is trick is that, pick the open number and multiply with 6. The open and (6*6=36) guess number is that 3-6 is today matka tips open’s.

kalyan matka tips Single Jodi

Master option today kalyan panel chart wining guessing. I am give you proof. see the Jodi of Friday that print again on Monday.

Now the first time opening Jodi is that 51. Then next Jodi was on Monday is 58. Again the guessing figures 54. Next Jodi was 57 on Monday.

Again open printed as 5. Today matka single Jodi  final ank 14. Because the Friday Jodi was in last week in kalyan chart and that was 14.

Final Word for Final ank

Two matka guess trick here will be share in this article. The final number is 3,6,1,4. Note that may be today single Jodi will be printed from these number’s.

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