Mumbai fix single Jodi Number Guessing boss matka 143

Mumbai fix single Jodi Number Guessing boss matka 143

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Mumbai fix single Jodi Number Guessing boss matka 143

Main Mumbai matka chart 2018 powerful 100% strong guessing

If you show above picture then you can easily learn about and also understanding tody kalyan chart satta Jodi free guessing with 100% proof. Now if you not understand the you follow the below steps and learn today facebook mataka Jodi. 
  1. First of all you need a Main Mumbai chart 2018 august and then goto the weekly chart Jodi print on Thursday Jodi 80. Now pick the first Teen patti ank that's open or print with pana and that's ank came open or dosara ank in Main Mumbai Monday Jodi.
  2. Now here is yellow circle ank is 189 and passing in Jodi 68 and passing matka ank 6 as pana in that Jodi. Again pick the green circle ank and 258 and passing jodi is 28. That is the beauty i like that because the single Jodi passed on Monday 28.
  3. Again follow the blues circle ank 190 and printed Jodi on Monday and is that 50 and passed makta jodi special ank 0 as dosara ank. Now again pick the Jodi ank show in pink circle and that 140 and passed jodi is 60 and final ank passed is 0.

Mumbai satta guessing final Jodi

Now pick the satta king chart 2018 and follow the red square Jodi and that matka final ank is 339. Here is the best matka king Jodi free and full and final guessing trick's Jodi. I hope today he give 100% result and that is best and best final Pana Jodi's

Mathematical Mumbai guessing online Free Jodi

Here is best math system Main Mumbai fix single Jodi number official gaming trick. Now in this post math table system matka trick i can show and that's trick pass again and again in Main Mumbai chart daily base in 2018.

78 = 7x8 = 56 = passing Jodi 58 = final ank Mumbai chart = 58
58 = 5x8 = 40 = passing Jodi 80 = final ank Mumbai chart = 80
80 = 8x8 = 64 waiting Mumbai chart 2018 august single Jodi

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