143 boss matka single Jodi Sultan (2019 king) Guessing

143 boss matka

Today matka tips 09/07/2019

On Monday the opening Jodi was 91. When this Jodi printed then after 143 boss matka single Jodi final ank final here. This Jodi printed 23 times in kalyan panel chart 2012 to 2019.

So here is another magic trick of single Jodi came, when this Jodi print on Monday. Two times this Jodee when single Jodi continuously. First time 87 Jodi print and second time 21. Now today matka panel Jodi is 84.

Follow these date’s to see the guessing in your kalyan panel chart. 06/06/2016 in this date 87 Jodi print and 30/04/2018 on date this is 21 Jodi.

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Now today single Jodi 09 July 2019 is 84. Let’s enjoy today guess final Jodi single Jodi with single Open.

Boss matka 143

When this Jodi printed on Monday then pick the last week opening Jodi that printed on Tuesday. Suppose here is the last week opening Jodi in kalyan matka chart is 68. Then Pick the Jodi close Number and that ank is open figure in Jodi on Mungalwar.

So open here is clear for close number you can pick the Patti open number of Wednesday Jodi and that is 4. Now boss matka 143 guessing final Jodi ank 84.

If you did not understand this Matka Guessing trick, here is my opinion to please watch this video its for you.

boss matka 143
143 dpboss matka

Final Word

No one give the real single Jodi. Today kalyan chart fix fix fix number guessing according to trick, Then here is the final Jodi 84. You can also play 89, 24, 84, 87

You can also see the single Jodi of Milan, kalyan, Sridevi, Rajdhani and time bazar Guessing. All Indian satta matka guessing is free and updates on a daily base.

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